Working with us in your local area?

SUP11 X wants to expand to all possible (unknown) worldwide destinations, organising paddling events through 11 places; for example Islands (Thailand), Rocks (Ibiza), Stones (Croatia) or Sights (Germany).

Do you have the perfect location for us in your country, where the below ingredients are in place:
  • At least able to paddle 125 km in 5 days, with a maximum of 220 km.
  • 11 landmarks or something typical from your area that we can replace the X in SUP11 X with. (For example: SUP11 Islands - Koh Chang | Thailand is an area where there are a lot of islands. So we have chosen to replace the X with the word Islands.)
  • Contact with local government & tourism boards/ safety boats/ restaurants-caterers/ accommodation.


  • SUP community
  • Passion for stand up paddling
  • Being part of the world wide SUP community
  • Open communication = sustainability
  • Ohana (Family)
  • International SUP community
  • Safe and organised travel adventures
  • Fun and active SUP adventures
  • Challenge yourself
  • Working on mental and physical health

If this all sound familiar, contact us and let’s say when we can start a new SUP11 X adventure. 

Interested? Send us an email.