SUP11 X is a stand up paddle experience organisation from Friesland, The Netherlands. We want to share our enthusiasm for this sport with a worldwide community of paddlers. SUP11 X creates unforgettable travel experiences around the world that challenges the mind and body.

Based on the SUP 11-City Tour in The Netherlands, SUP11 X was created by Ritske Merkus and Marije Elgersma with the aim of making multi-day racing accessible to all.

We try to arrange as much as possible in the tour, logistics and catering are very important. During most of our adventures you only have to worry about paddling, we will take care of the rest. If you are not able to bring your own board we have a rental option.
Safety is a key issue. Since the organizers are no first timers and connected with local paddlers, we organise safety according to local rules and our own judgement.

Working with local partners makes it possible to get the best value for money. Since we come as a group the discounts will be used to get you more for less. In the set up it's always clear what's included and not.


“We aim to create unforgettable travel experiences that challenge the mind and body, with a community of like-minded stand up paddlers. Come as a person, leave as a family.

We want to share the feeling of paddling with people from all over the world anywhere in the world and bring these people together by organising fun, adventurous and environmentally friendly stand up paddle adventures with a mental and physical reset for five days.”


“We believe that sport is a way to bring people together and create an open-minded community. Our ambition is to do this in an environmentally friendly way.”

For who?

Are you looking for an adventure that is a mental and physical challenge but also a lot of fun together with other SUP enthusiasts? Everything you need, from safety, to food, accommodation and massages are taken care of. Everyone is welcome to join the SUP11 X community. We want to provide an unforgettable experience at 11 places in 5 days at international destinations.

You come as a stranger but will leave as a SUP11 X family-member. Visit our Facebook, Instagram and website to receive information and come join us at one of our upcoming adventures!

Need an X-cuse to go on a trip on your own? Participate in one of our SUP11 X adventures!

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Ritske Merkus: “Since 2009 I’m infected with the SUP-virus when Anne-Marie Reichman asked me to help out with the SUP11-City Tour. I’m a projectmanager, a modern hustler, in many different area’s; Erasmus+ projects, local projects, running a CityBeach and co-owner of Greenjoy Friesland. I'm happy when events or projects make people happy and finances even out. The most rewarded feeling is to see participants/ clients exceed their expectations. It’s all about the small things in life, no matter if you bring back your rental SUP board with a smile or accomplished your biggest goal ever. Working with Marije on SUP11 X makes this an easy job, since we are able to find partners we like and trust in beautiful places all over the world. The best thing of SUP11 X is that we are able to share the experience with a lot of paddlers.”
Marije Elgersma: “Sportive since the day I was born. Team player by nature and a hands on mentality. Building up something with a like minded team gives me energy.
How do I accomplish that? My experience in managing a water sports shop over the past 13 years is helping me in the current projects that I’m working on. What I do is broad. I have built up experience in the following: – Coordinating – Social media – Commerce – Networking – Managing students.Above all, I like to work with people. Towards a goal, as a team and evaluate to make it even more beautiful the next time. I want to have a good feeling about it! Coming back at the ‘why‘. If I am enthusiastic, I function better and contribute to the whole in a better way. That’s why working on the SUP11 X adventures together with Ritske fits in perfectly.